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Our Services

Cladmaster has a wide range of services to fix all your Roofing requirements.

UPVC Fitting

UPVC (Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is a strong and versatile material that is assembled using a solvent cement to bond the pieces together. Our UPVC fittings are all WRAS approved.


Soffit serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Soffits protect rafters from the elements, keeping moisture away from the rafters reduces the chance of mold, and helps preserve the life of the materials.


Cladding refers to the process of applying an extra layer to the outside of a building, helping to protect the wall underneath as well as create a more beautiful appearance.


Fascia is a horizontal or angled board that encloses the edge or face of the projecting eaves. The main purpose of the fascia board is to keep moisture from entering the roof and your interio

Barge Boards

Bargeboards refer to the fascias located at the gable end or side of a roof. Used to protect the roof timbers of a building, bargeboards can also have a significant impact on the general aesthetics.


Guttering is a small thin trough that is used to collect run off water from your roof and completes the roofing protection system. It is used to direct rain water away from the base of the building which helps protect the foundation.

Job Size

Whether it’s a block of flats, or semi detached. A shop or a school, we do it all. Water butts or above your garage door, A porch or mid terrace, cladding and more

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At Cladmaster we pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective services with our clients needs as our number one priority.