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Soffit Services

On your property’s roofing system, the soffit serves a double purpose – they help with the look of the roof and also protects rafters from the elements. If a soffit was not in place to protect the rafters, over time they would erode and could allow mold into the house, both serious problems that cost a lot to fix.


Soffits come in either T’n’G or as a flat board. They come in all colours to match the fascia.


You should NEVER see pins when correctly fitted

Types of Ventilation

Soffit vents should only be used on flat roofs or on a shallow fascia. 


1: Over Fascia Vents

2: Disc ventilation

3: Soffit ventilation


1: Over fascia vents are our preferred method of ventilation. It covers the whole length of the property but cannot be seen. Unlike the disc vent and soffit ventilation which can. Also, disc and soffit vents get grimy over time which is clearly visible.


2: Disc vents can be added at anytime after the job is completed.


3: Soffit ventilation should mainly be used for flat roofs. However, sometimes they need to be installed on low profile fascia’s where the height is not available for the use of over fascia vents

fascia vents

Example of soffit work

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